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If you're an experienced rider in Worcestershire and want to get even better at riding, you've come to the right place! At Merlin Motorcycle Training, you'll learn better techniques, form and best practices that you can use in order to take your riding skill to a whole new level!

Advanced courses for experienced riders

Learn new things beyond the scope of merely passing a test at Merlin Motorcycle Training. We don't teach you just what you need to know to clear the bike theory and practical tests. We go above and beyond of the scope of these tests to truly cement your understanding of riding a motorcycle, and hence we use only the best tools and techniques to train you in our advanced riding courses.

What criteria must be met to join a direct access course?

In order to undertake a direct access course, you need to be at least 24 years old, and if the motorcycle test is taken on a 600cc or higher capacity bike, your licence will not be subject to any restrictions.  

What philosophy do we follow with respect to training?

At Merlin Motorcycle Training, we set very high standards for yourself in order to help you make the most of our training. We also ensure each rider gets significant attention, which is why our maximum student to instructor ratio is 2:1. We use Suzuki Gladius motorcycles for our direct access training, which are easy to ride, handle well and are not overly heavy or powerful.

Advanced riding course in Worcestershire

Looking to up your game? Take your motorcycle riding skills to the next level with our advanced riding courses in Worcestershire. Call

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