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Learn to ride with the expert in Worcestershire

Expert motorcycle tuition in Worcestershire

Tired of impatient instructors? Then Merlin Motorcycle Training is the right place to be. With expert instruction delivered by me, Steve Gould, you'll be riding off towards the sunset and into the distance in no time!

Motorcycle tuition for riders of all skill levels

Whether you're just a fledgling beginner or a former rider that wants to refresh your riding skills, Merlin Motorcycle Training is the name you can trust when it comes to motorcycle tuition in Worcestershire.

Riding a motorcycle was never this easy!

Comprehensive training

From compulsory basic training (CBT) to advanced training courses, I can teach you everything you need to know when you ride a motorcycle, and everything you may want to know as a rider too!

Why choose us?

•   Experienced, DSA Approved Instructor

•   Open 7 days a week

•   Off-road training

•   Flexible, friendly approach

What skills do i need?

You must have basic bicycle skills such as

•   Balance

•   Ability to ride one-handed while making a signal

•   Ability to look behind while riding

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Merlin Motorcycle Training. The affordable, safe path to riding pleasure.

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