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Saddle up in Worcestershire

Make the most of this summer with motorcycle riding training from Merlin Motorcycle Training in Worcestershire. You get to learn how to ride, from the basic CBT to the advanced training courses and your UK riding licence with me, Steve Gould. With over 20 years of experience coaching riders in Worcestershire, Merlin Motorcycle Training is your best choice to begin your journey on two wheels!

Why should you hire me?

•   Friendly approach to training

•   Large fleet of motorcycles and scooters for you to practice on

•   Flexibility to adjust the course timing and duration to your needs

•   Open 7 days a week, with no additional charge for weekend classes

•   All prices include the cost of hiring the bike and protective gear like helmets and gloves

What courses can you choose from?

At Merlin Motorcycle Training, you get to choose from a wide range of programs depending on your previous riding experience, skill level and age.

•   CBT course

•   Direct access courses

•   Restricted access courses

•   Refresher courses for returning riders

•   Advanced courses 


The motorcycle theory test must have been passed to be able to take the category A1, A2 or A license (CBT not required).


Merlin Motorcycle Training - motorcycle riding training in Worcestershire

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