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Do you miss the glorious days you used to ride your vintage motorcycle in? With motorcycles becoming faster and more technologically advanced every day, going back to riding can be unsettling for a few returning riders. Take heart though, for if you are a returning rider in and around Worcestershire, Merlin Motorcycle Training is the obvious choice! With our rider-friendly refresher riding course, you'll get comfortable with your motorcycle on the street in no time!

Patient, qualified instructions so you get it right on the road

Learning becomes more difficult as we grow older. But you don't need to worry about having to keep up at Merlin Motorcycle Training in Worcestershire. I'll take you under my wing, and guide you towards great riding habits, great technique, and other practices you should be following when riding on the road. So put your mind at ease, and contact me today!

Never ridden a motorcycle? We have several other courses

Choose from a variety of courses depending on your skill level and experience:

• Advanced intensive training course

• Restricted access courses

• CBT for beginners

• Direct access

Merlin Motorcycle Training - Refresher riding courses

Looking to polish up your rusty riding skills in Worcestershire? Take up our refresher course. Call

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