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If you're an experienced rider in Worcestershire and want to get even better at riding, you've come to the right place! At Merlin Motorcycle Training, you'll learn better techniques, form and best practices that you can use in order to take your riding skill to a whole new level!

The right restricted access motorcycle training for you

Learn how to take your motorcycle riding to the next level at Merlin Motorcycle Training. We offer restricted access motorcycle courses to riders wanting to move the skills to next level and for young riders who want move to next phase appropriate to their age. We try to go above and beyond the scope of these tests to truly cement your understanding of riding a motorcycle so you can move to next size engine and enjoy the road more,

Who are our restricted access courses appropriate to?

Restricted Access courses

Category A1, age 17/18, test on 125cc 11kw, 15bhp

When you have passed this test you are restricted to 125cc only and nothing bigger. When you turn 19 you are then able to take the A2 license.


Category A2, age 19-23 test on 395+cc, between 20kw,  27bhp and 35kw, 46.6bhp

When you have passed this test you can ride a bike up to  46.6bhp, you are able to restrict any motorcycle to this power as long as the original manufacturers’ declared power output was not more than double as standard. Hold this license for two years and you are then to retake the test to get full category A license, or when you are 24, or whichever comes first.


Restricted access courses in Worcestershire

Looking to qualify for the next level of license? Take your motorcycle riding skills to the next level with our restricted access courses in Worcestershire. Call

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